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  Regd. Office :   19/1, U.K. Dutta Road, Kolkata - 700028
  Phone No. :   033 2547 - 2685
  Fax :   033 2547 - 0316
  E-mail :
  Contact Person :   Mr. D. Biswas
  Department   Person in Charge
  Accounts Department :   Mr. Dipesh Chatterjee
  Human Resorce Department:  

Mr. Debabrata Biswas
Mr. Dipanjan Das (Assistant)

  Procurement Department:   Mr. Goutam Ghosh
  Technical Department :   Mr. Sanjay Dutta
  Civil Department :   Mr. Shibasis Biswas
Mr. Sanjay Dutta
  Civil & Structural Department :   Mr. D. Sarkar
  Architectural Department :   Ms. Sulagna Dey
  Water Proofing and Other Allied Chemical Treatments  

Mr. Kaushik Palit
Mr. Prabir Naskar (Assistant)

  Project Engineering Department :  

Mr. Sayan Basu
Mr. Tanumoy Das
Mr. Suvankar Dhara
Mr. Rajdeep Paul.

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